Top Stocks to Watch Today: Tuesday, May 11

Momentum continues with the earnings winners and recent runners on today’s top stocks to watch.
Choppy, higher-priced stocks are some of the biggest winners in the market recently.
And one of my top students, Jack S. (No7 in the Challenge chat), has been killing it on these plays.* (See all his trades on, here.)
That’s why I always tell students to trade the stocks and patterns that make the most sense to them.
You don’t have to trade penny stocks to find success as a trader. But you do have to work to find consistency in whatever strategy works best for you.

And for me, it’s trading volatile stocks that are big percent gainers. I don’t care if they’re first-day gainers with news or recent multi-day runners. I want to take advantage of big meaty moves.
And some of these recent runners prove that higher-priced stocks can be just as volatile as penny stocks…
So prepare your watchlist in advance with these top 10 stocks to watch today. Then, pick the stocks with the bes..

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Day Trading Restrictions: SEC Pattern Rules Explained

I used to be one of those traders who complained about day trading restrictions.
But here’s the thing … I trade some of the sketchiest stocks in the world. So I’ve had to learn in 20+ years of trading that I have to protect myself from big losses.
Trading penny stocks can be risky.
That’s one reason the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has day trading restrictions — to protect newbies from overtrading and blowing up their accounts.
When I first started trading, I didn’t understand how helpful these restrictions can be for new traders. I wanted to be able to trade any stock, any time, without the SEC interfering.

Now I understand how day trading restrictions can help protect newbies.
I’ve been able to make millions from day trading, but it hasn’t been easy.* Most traders lose. The rules I’ve learned help me stay safe while I trade sketchy penny stocks. And they’re the same rules I teach to my students now. I have multiple millionaire students.*
Apply to see if you’re read..

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Top Penny Stocks List Weekly Update: May 10, 2021

Penny stocks can move fast and be highly volatile. To be successful, you need to make a list of stocks to watch — and potentially trade — every day. And to do that, you need to study and prepare.
12:58am study check, retweet/favorite this if you’re up studying or making your watchlist or better yet, if you’ve already studied or made your watchlist. Prepare, prepare, prepare, I cannot say it enough & sadly most people don’t take the time to do it (aka why most people lose)
— Timothy Sykes (@timothysykes) May 10, 2021
Many new traders feel overwhelmed at first. Don’t let that push you into taking trades that don’t fit your strategy. For me, building a watchlist starts with looking for big percent gainers. Keep reading for more about how to create your own penny stock watchlist.

News Moving the Penny Stocks on This List The Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 both hit fresh highs on Friday. The jobs report last week wasn’t great. Some financial pundits believe enhanced u..

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Intraday Trading: Guide, Tips, and Strategies for Beginners

What’s the best way to approach intraday trading? It depends on your trading style…
Intraday trading — also known as day trading — can be one of the most rewarding ways to trade in the stock market. It can also be one of the most dangerous.
New traders often wonder if intraday trading is right for them. I’ve been a day trader for 20+ years and have made over $7 million in trading profits in my career.* And I started trading with a small account. That’s what I teach my Trading Challenge students now.
So is intraday trading right for you? That depends.
Read on as I go over the pros and cons of intraday trading. I’ll also give you some tips on intraday trading for beginners, and strategies to help you decide if it’s your thing.

What Is Intraday Trading? Intraday means within a single day. So intraday trading is buying and selling a stock on the same trading day.
You’ll also hear about intraday highs and lows. That’s a stock’s high and low prices within a trading session. Day trader..

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What Is an OTC? The Newbie Guide to Trading Sketchy Stocks

Here’s a question I hear from many people and newbie traders: “What is an OTC?”
The stock market is full of thousands of different stocks. So before I answer “what is an OTC,” let me point something out…
Imagine if someone knew the outcome of each ticker by the market close … millionaires would be a dime a dozen.
The reality is no one knows what the stock market will do. Least of all you. It’s nothing personal. That’s just the nature of the stock market.
Investment firms spend millions of dollars a year to sniff out profits. But even with the most sophisticated scanners, the biggest names on Wall Street are still just guessing. And they’re mostly trading large-cap listed stocks that only move a few percentage points every day.
To see any account growth, firms purchase shares with millions of dollars. That’s one reason why it’s so hard for the average trader to make money with some stocks — minimal percentage gains.
It’s likely you don’t have millions at your disposal to start tra..

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Top 10 Marijuana Stocks to Watch in May 2021

I’m watching these 10 marijuana stocks for big, meaty moves…
But most of these beaten-down weed stocks need a big catalyst to get them moving. That’s what this niche thrives on — sector momentum and hype.
Regular company press releases aren’t creating big spikes. That’s why I want to see big news on a federal level to inject life into these stocks…
Could the SAFE Banking Act be just what this sector needs to heat up?
The bill was approved by the House on April 20, and it’s on its way to the Senate for approval.
It could be a game-changer for this niche — opening doors for marijuana companies to grow, access cash, and acquire property.
But I won’t jump to conclusions or try to predict the market … Here’s what I’m watching and why…
Should You Trade Marijuana Stocks? First, you should NEVER blindly trade someone else’s picks. Not even mine.
I want you to understand how to choose stocks to trade and create smart trading plans. That’s how you can really take advantage of hot sectors..

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Top Biotech Penny Stocks to Watch — May 5, 2021

Biotech penny stock action has lit up.
I said last week that big runs in higher-priced biotechs could lead to more action in penny stocks. It looks like that’s what we’re seeing now. This week, anyway…
You never know how long a hot sector will last. It could be a week or maybe months.
So be ready to take advantage of the opportunities while they’re here. But also be ready to adapt.

Some of these stocks had massive moves despite an overall ugly market.
Always remember to think of the big picture.
Trade safe and be ready to protect, protect, protect. Want to see how you can learn from even more of my watchlists? Subscribe to You have SO many opportunities to study and refine your process. Take advantage of it all.
Now, here’s the top biotech penny stocks list … I’ll show you what’s on my radar and why.
“Sell in May and go away” seems appropriate so far due to how much the markets have run & now inflation fears, remember to protect, protect, protect $SPY $QQQ $DIA and ..

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Millionaire Mentor Update: Fighting Penny Stock Misinformation

Last week was another solid week of trading for me. I finished up over $20,000, trading conservatively and following my rules.** My April profits were roughly $80,000.** That’s my lowest profit month of 2021 — by far. But I won’t complain.
The beautiful thing is, it’s the same pattern. And whether real news (see my trade review below) or promoters drive the price action, I’m prepared. Keep reading for more about preparation and why I teach.
I donate 100% of my trading profits to charity. $80,000 will go a long way toward funding three new school projects like these…*
Karmagawa and Bali Children’s Project © Millionaire Media, LLC Whenever we open a new school or library in Bali, I’m super excited to share it. But Karmagawa’s partnership with Bali Children’s Project goes even further.
We’ve been working with Bali Children’s Project since 2016. We’ve now funded a total of 44 projects. That includes schools, learning centers, school transport, and school sponsorships. And durin..

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JSW Hydro Energy to issue dollar-denominated notes

JSW Hydro Energy to issue dollar-denominated notes Dollar: JSW Hydro Energy Limited is a Non-govt company, incorporated on 14th Mar 2014. It’s a public unlisted company and is classified as a company limited by shares. The company’s authorized capital stands at Rs. 1,25,005.01 lakhs.
Moreover, JSW Energy on Tuesday said its arm JSW Hydro Energy will issue USD-denominated notes in overseas markets to raise funds. However, the company did not disclose the amount to be raised under this issue.
While this issue is part of a total notes program of USD 750 million of JSW Hydro Energy. Which was approving by the board of JSW Hydro Energy on March 26th, 2021.
JSW Hydro Energy is proposing subject to market conditions and certain conditions precedent. An issue of debt instruments in the form of US dollar-denominated senior secured notes, a BSE filing said. The issuer is a wholly-owning subsidiary of JSW Energy Limited.
Moreover, the notes will be secured by, inter alia, assets of the Issuer..

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Buy Tech Mahindra Limited and RBL Bank Limited

Buy Tech Mahindra Limited:
Tech Mahindra Ltd has officially announced a consolidated sales of Rs. 9,868.00 Cr for the third quarter finished on 31-12-2020, which is 3.99% up from its previous quarter sales of Rs. 9,489.30 Cr and -1.36% down from its previous year same quarter sales of Rs. 10,004.20 Cr. The company has reported a net profit after tax of Rs. 1,289.60 Cr in the previous quarter.
Tech Mahindra Ltd: Experts suggested buy call at current market price: Rs. 966.70 with a target price: Rs. 1,000; Stoploss: Rs. 948.
Buy RBL Bank Limited:
RBL Bank Ltd has officially announced a consolidated sales of Rs. 1,646.03 Cr for the third quarter finished on 31-12-2020, which is 4.96% up from its previous quarter sales of Rs. 1,731.94 Cr and 9.95% up from its previous year same quarter sales of Rs. 1,827.88 Cr. The company has reported net profit after tax of Rs. 146.88 Cr in the previous quarter.
RBL Bank Ltd: Experts suggested buy call at current market price: ..

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