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ebooc (Arabic word meaning a digital wallet) – is the first
Emirati fintech and loyalty solutions enterprise

ebooc loyalty

ebooc has developed a unique multi-participant loyalty program operating on blockchain technology – called ebooc loyalty

ebooc loyalty has developed a blockchain Point of Sales (POS) Solution integrated with a loyalty card working with NFC technology or through a digital loyalty wallet (on your mobile) creating a single point of contact for all your loyalty needs.

ebooc keeps track of all your loyalty points and programs. It also allows you to earn points in singular ebooc points and burn collectively making your life less complicated and more fun. ebooc makes loyalty accumulation and spending easy across the entire ecosystem of loyalty programs and reduces wastage by making sure you never lose any of your unredeemed points

ebooc is the first multi-participant block chain based loyalty platform for loyalty programs on a decentralized distributed ledger providing a singular inter operable access for the customer to earn and burn freely and gain more.

ebooc also provides Big Data / Predictive Analysis capabilities as it collects and analysis loyalty usage patters for customers and will assist in providing insights on consumer buyer will assist in identifying the likelihood of future customer transactions based on historical data

ebooc fintech

ebooc will be development unique fintech solutions for the financial services ecosystem using blockchain technology – called ebooc fintech

ebooc will provide the following services capabilities on it’s loyalty an fin tech platform:

  • Blockchain solutions
  • NFC solutions
  • Big Data / Predictive Analysis
  • Collect and analysis data usage patters for customers
  • Predict customer behavior and providing insights
  • Identifying the likelihood of future customer transactions based on historical data

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