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Our Value Proposition

Customer Benefits

Tracks all customer loyalty programs

Focuses on a singular Loyalty Program

Reduces wastage of Un redeemed points

Ebooc offers some unique value propositions and benefits for end customers: :

Ebooc is a blockchain based single platform for consumers juggling an array of loyalty programs.
We provide instant redemption and exchange for multiple loyalty point currencies on a single platform.
With only one ebooc “Mobile Loyalty App” for points, consumers would not have to hunt for each program’s options, limitations, and redemption rules.

Single loyalty account

Every customer will be given a single Mobile Loyalty App, accessible from the website of any participating merchant, or from ebooc web or generic mobile app. There is no need to register for a standalone loyalty program of each retailer, and the acquired Points can be redeemed with any other network member.

Low redemption rates

ebooc transfers value into Points and credits them directly to the customer’s Mobile Loyalty App. The value of the rewards denominated in ebooc loyalty currency is poised to go up along with the growth of the loyalty economy. Customers will also be receiving regular reports and offers from the stores where they made their purchases, which will help encourage them to spend again with that retailer — using their Mobile Loyalty App — or spend them with another retailer who’s part of the ebooc network.

Merchant Benefits

Tracks customer pending & patterns

Boost sales for Products & Services

Historical data and analysis

ebooc offers unique merchant benefits:

Reduces customer service costs

Instead of smaller retailers providing their own rewards-focused customer service support, ebooc will provide centralized support for retailers, who can also provide technical guidance, support and quality assurance.

Reduce marketing costs

User acquisition today is one of the most costly activities of any retailer. Statistics say that the average conversion of traffic into purchases in e-commerce comes to 3%; however, the real figure is closer to 1%. Studies also show that acquiring a new customer is anywhere from 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one.

Allows Merchants to accesses the new untapped market by using

un deemed points which would have otherwise got wasted

  • Usage of blockchain technology – as disruptive innovation in loyalty programs
  • Lower costs of operations
  • Higher transparency and more user friendly
  • Reducing in fraud and security breaches through improved safety
  • Ease of trace and tracing points
  • Ease of transferability of loyalty points across the network
  • Time saving and instant transfers
  • Earning and burning loyalty points made easy and instant
  • Improved visibility for merchants and partners