Equity Fund Managers increases holdings in top 5 stocks

Equity Fund Managers increases holdings in top 5 stocks

In March 2021, Mutual Funds sold the majority of shares in the primary market. Following, Equity Fund Managers increased stakeholding in BPCL, Bank of Baroda, Wabco India, SBI Cards, and Tata Communications. Those are the top 5 stocks bought by the MF managers in March.

At the same time, Bank of Baroda launched fresh equity through qualified institutional placement while others witnessed large secondary exits.

As per the records. the Mutual funds also invested in the primary market through the initial public offerings. However, the majority of companies had launched IPOs in the month of March. With this move, March witnessed as an IPO Frenzy month.

Through the public offerings, MFs invested nearly Rs. 1,600 crores in 9 firms. In which, MFs parked nearly Rs. 613 crores in MTAR Tech and Rs. 180 crores in each issue of Craftsman Automation and Nazara Tech.

During the same month, Equity Fund Managers reduced their percentage of stakeholding in several blue-chip stocks. A source has shown that RIL, HUL, ICICI Bank, other 9 stocks were part of Nifty50. However, they sold RIL shares worth Rs. 1,811 crores, HUL shares worth Rs. 1,531 crores, and ICICI worth Rs. 1,267 crores.

MF Managers buys

Stock Name Amount Invested (Rs. Cr)
BPCL 2,797
Bank of Baroda 1,472
Wabco India 1,404
SBI Cards 1,176
Tata Communications 1,112

MF Managers Sells

Stock Name Amount Invested (Rs. Cr)
RIL 1,811
HUL 1,531
ICICI Bank 1,267
Vedanta 1,163
Maruti Suzuki 1,026

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